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At Kirstivah Resources Centre, our various services/activities are listed below for your perusal.

1. Teaching/mentoring

    a. Research methods
       i. Quantitative methods
       ii. Qualitative methods
       iii. Mixed methods

    b. Modeling
       i. Linear and nonlinear models
       ii. Endogenous models (structural equation models)
       iii. Panel data models
       iv. Mediation and moderation models
       v. CGE models
       vi. DSGE models
       vii. VAR
       viii. GARCH
       ix. Gravity model

    c. Estimation technique include;
       i. Ordinary least squares
       ii. Johanssen Cointegration
       iii. ARDL
       iv. Auto-regressive distributed lag models
       v. IV2SLS
       vi. System GMM
       vii. PROCESS
       viii. Logit, Probit and Tobit
       ix. Panel data technique
       x. DEA

    d. Data collection methods and sources
       i. Primary data
       ii. Secondary data

2. Hands-on training on the use of analytical soft wares such as;

    a. Stata
    b. Eviews

3. Consultancy: Risk Management and Mentoring

4. Conducting research

5. Seminars

6. Workshops

7. Conferences

8. Publishing

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